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Stop putting off removing your baby's cradle cap

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Stop putting off removing your baby's cradle cap

Saroj Roupell

So your two month old baby has cradle cap, what do you do? You know you have to be super gentle with the top of their head due to their fortanelle, but you can’t help picking off the flaky stuff. Stop now before you cause an infection or further complications.

Here are three easy steps to naturally get rid of your baby's cradle cap today:

  1. Put some old sheets on your baby’s sleeping area that you don’t mind getting oily.
  2. Choose a natural oil, (see options below) and put a small amount on your baby’s head at night.
  3. Gently brush off in the morning with a baby brush or use a wet wash cloth.

Some natural option we love, click on the image to find out more and buy now;

Coconut Oil Extra Virgin Organic Unrefined

Cradle Cap Healing Balm - Gently Remove Flakes and Scales with Essential Oils

Sweet Almond Oil Triple AAA+

US Organic Baby Oil with Calendula

Olive Oil Extra Virgin Organic

Earth Mama Angel Baby Oil

Coconut Baby Cradle Cap Oil 

Healing Ointment for Babies

Unrefined Raw Shea Butter; Certified Organic

Matimati Bamboo Baby Washcloths 

OCCObaby 3-Piece Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set for Newborns and Toddlers 

Natemia Quality Wooden Baby Hair Brush for Newborns & Toddlers

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