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Beauty products

People are paying more attention to ingredients in their beauty products, preferring natural and organic ones over those that contain chemicals or ingredients that could cause harmful side effects. The natural beauty industry is exploding with new products and skin benefiting ingredients.  According to Technavio's global cosmetics and toiletry research, 'The growing aging population has led to high demand for natural and organic creams, moisturizers, and body lotions, and this is likely to continue during the next five years.' Natural and organic products are perceived to be safer and of high quality.  

So which ones are right for you? Here is our guide to the top 8 for the below product categories to make it easier for you to buy better

BB cream

Natural beauty balm (BB) creams can transform your skin and beauty routine. With huge demand from busy women for natural multifunctional skin care products, check out which one is the best for your skin.


Organic shampoos offer a wealth of benefits for your hair and scalp that will be immediately noticeable. Organic products gently infuse your hair follicles and skin cells with natural minerals, herbal extract, and oils.

Nail polish

How many 'free' is your nail polish, in the world of nail polish '10 -free' refers to how many harmful chemicals have been removed, click below to find out more.

Sun cream

Protect your skin from sun damage using natural sunscreens, containing beautiful ingredients that are good for your skin. Compare our top picks.